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Group Full Name Theme

KP-61с Bohachevskyi Dmytro Mobile application distributed system control and monitoring traffic

KP-61с Vladyslav Zaichuk Distributed program system for ownership management based on blockchain technology

KP-61с Anhelina Lebedieva Software complex of annonymality payment for electronic payments in banking systems

KP-61с Vadym Lytvyn Software for introduction of document management system and management in hospitals. Mobile application

KP-61с Mykola Ohoiko Software for source code generation of basic functions three-tier web-applications



Group Full Name Theme

KP-31 Dmytro Blazhevskyi Mobile application to support diabetes treatment. Communication module

KP-31 Vladislav Hlinskyi Video search system of wanted vehicles

KP-31 Vladyslav Hordiienko Software for processing three-dimensional object with a stereo camera

KP-31 Oleksii Zamekula Software tools for orginizationand analysis results of online surveys

KP-31 Ivan Kolomiiets Software to manage "smart home" with technology kinect. Core system

KP-31 Dmytro Landiak Software for prediction passenger traffic and organization transport enterprize. The server side

KP-31 Daryna Lapchuk Information system for urban bike trails data collection and analysis

KP-31 Ivan Liubashenko Interactive system for searching, filtering and processing files

KP-31 Mykolaichyk Volodymir Software for prediction passenger traffic and organization transport enterprize. The client side

KP-31 Yurii Mukhin Software for gesture recognition via web-cam

KP-31 Serhii Nedilko Software to manage "smart home" with technology kinect. Kinect module

KP-31 Vladyslav Petrus Mobile application to support diabetes treatment. Communication module

KP-31 Roman Pylypenko Web application for instant messaging. Server part

KP-31 Romanova Kseniia Mobile application for accounting and analytical research user`s current tasks

KP-31 Viktoriia Romanchenko Software tools for full-text search in non-relational databases

KP-31 Andrew Stupnitsky Software for information support for patients of hospital

KP-31 Oleksandr Khivrych Software for static code analysis of source code based on quality metrics

KP-31 Oksana Chorna Automated system for queue management and accounting workflow of human resources

KP-31 Yuliia Shpak Web application for instant messaging. Client part

KP-32 Dmytro Aharkov Method of executing operations over elements of field GF(p^m)

KP-32 Yevhenii Vasin Software component of the intrusion detection system based on the technology of sensory traps

KP-32 Konstantin Vasin Communication module of construction software system of production bines-process for small and middle business

KP-32 Denys Vinnyk Software for synthesis images in the infrared spectrum

KP-32 Kateryna Hurenko Software fot processing large volumes of sensory data

KP-32 Dzizinska Valeriia Automated library information system for schools. Cataloging module

KP-32 Yevhen Dorodnikov Web-resource "Electronic database for Sikorsky Challenge projects"

KP-32 Oleksandr Drobot Software for managing virtual objects using the kinect controller and virtual reality gloves

KP-32 Yeryhin Maksym Software for visualizing panoramic images on mobile devices

KP-32 Yuri Zhykin User notification service for OpenBazaar peer-to-peer E-commerce network

KP-32 Serhii Kopach Online queue management software

KP-32 Yurii Lampiha Software library for WebRTC technology research

KP-32 Borys Lukashov Yield forecasting system for winter crop

KP-32 Inokentiy Mazhara Communication module of automated knowledge management system with usage of mnemotechnologies

KP-32 Yevhenii Maliavka Software tools for automated buildling of documentation for React-UI components

KP-32 Artur Nazarov Driver eXist-db database for language interpreter Common Lisp

KP-32 Riabchenko Dmytro Web application for translation of english Technical documents

KP-32 Shevchuk Evgeniy Analytical module software system design businessprocesses for the production of small and medium enterprises

KP-32 Yakhin Serhii Automated library information system for schools. Circulation of books module


Group Full Name Theme

KP-51c Viktor Danyliuk System For Analysis, Storage And Search Information For Automated Knowledge Management System Using Mnemotehnologies

KP-51c Mariia Kozak Information Computer System Kamenez-Podolsk Art Museum

KP-51c Kyshnarova Anastasiia Software Financial Analytics Of Business Planning

KP-51c Priadko Dmytro Intelligent Interface For Creation Of Individual Knowledge Bases


Group Full Name Theme

KP-51m Yevhenii Kyselov Analysis method of software continuous integration strategy with microservices architecture

KP-51m Andriy Letsyk The combined statistical method of automazed spelling correction of natural language text data

KP-51m Roman Papusha Method of raster lines smoothing

KP-52m Mykhailo Beherskyi Method of automated classification of text data on the basis of hybrid models

KP-52m Andrii Datsenko Short text documents clustering based on Neural networks

KP-52m Nycheporuk Oleksandr The method for point counting of elliptic curves over the field GF(2m)

KP-52m Shershniev Oleksii The method of dynamic distribution of tasks in cluster systems

KP-52m Larysa Shcherbachenko A method of building a recommendation system for distance learning system based on the user context



Group Full Name Theme

KP-41m Andrii Buriachevskyi Method Of Vectorization Color Medical Images

KP-41m Vladyslav Pyrozhok The Modified Method Of The Automated Plagiarism Search In The Natural Language Text Data

KP-41m Yevhen Radchenko Method Of Graphical Data steganographic Protection Based On bits Difference Transform

KP-41m Dmytro Sholtun Methods Of Data Compaction Of Alphanumeric information Represented In A Tri-color Barcode Form

KP-42m Yuliia Valchuk Methods For Recognizing Features On Medical images

KP-42m Andrii Hrynda The Modified Method For The Automatic Generation Of the Vector Represantation Of Textual Information

KP-42m Tetiana Drozda Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication Over Galois Field modulo p

KP-42m Maksym Lepekh Two-pass Method Of 3d Model Reconstruction

KP-42m Yevhen Luppol The Method Of Information Extraction From Natural language Texts With Automatized Pattern Generation

KP-42m Nataliia Fedchenko The Modified Method Of The Natural Language Text data Summarization Using Thematically Linked Ranking


Group Full Name Theme


KP-41c Dmytro Zdybai Software based on kinect controller for people with disabilities

KP-41c Kramarenko Oleksii Monte-Carlo tree search in GO data structures

KP-41c Oleksandr Lypskykh The software module configuration of the automated traffic monitoring system


Group Full Name The theme

KP-21 Andrii Bartkoviak The Software Library Of Methods For Emotional Tone assessment Of Internet Users' Comments

KP-21 ​Bohachevskyi Dmytro Mobile Application Distributed System control And Monitoring Traffic

KP-21 Yaroslav Vitkovskyi The Software System Of Video-analysis Of The Road surface Quality

KP-21 Vladyslav Hurov Information Management System Of Workload In The production Process

KP-21 Dychka Andrii Hardware And Software System For The Staff Access control To The Object

KP-21 Donskoi Sergii Software Of Geoinformation Systems For Designing eco-buildings. Terrain Modeling

KP-21 Vladyslav Zaichuk Software For Manipulation Virtual 3d Objects. Module for Synchronisation With Virtual Reality Glove

KP-21 Artem Kapura Interactive Online Tracking System Of A Gradual Order execution By A Client

KP-21 Viktor Kochubei The Software For Determination Of The Web-users’ comments Complex Assessment

KP-21 Vadym Lytvyn Software Of Geoinformation Systems For Designing Ecobuildings. Designing Buildings

KP-21 Volodymyr Machekhin Android Application Text Recognition In Images

KP-21 Roman Mishchenko Web Application For Monitoring And Control transport Traffic

KP-21 Mykola Ohoiko Software For The Teacher’s Workload Automated distribution. Client’s Part

KP-21 Andrii Pastushenko The Software For Support The Research Of The efficiency Of The Automated Summarization Of The natural Language Text Data

KP-21 Ernest Prykhodko Method For Software-hardware Implementation of The Operation Of Search For Modular multiplicative Inverse In Multiplicative Group Of integers Modulo n.

KP-21 Servatovych Pavlo Automated System Visualization Of Production Process and Production Document Routing

KP-21 Anna Sokolovska The Software For Determination Of The Web-users’ comments Complex Assessment

KP-21 Nazar Topolsky Software For The Teachers’ Workload Automated distribution

KP-21 Felindash Valeriia Analytical Model Of Ukraine Public Procurement

KP-21 Denys Chernykh Software For Manipulation Virtual 3d Objects. Module for Working With Web-camera

KP-21 Valeria Chernysh Software Module For Testing Kowledge Level Of User of Interactive Programming Language Learning Onlineplaform

KP-21 Vladyslav Chornyi The Interactive Information System For Supporting The study Of A Foreign Language

KP-21 Mykhailo Shevchuk A Web-application To Emulate The Hardware Of razberry-based Smart House Systems

KP-21 Dmytro Yarovyi Software System For Assessing And Monitoring The quality Of Officials Work

KP-21i Abbasi Shahin Software means for shortcut hash signatures calculation in data protection systems

KP-21i Ali Mukhammad Complex of software means for Boolean functional transmission forming for algorithms of cryptographic protection of information

KP-21i Akhmiedov Elmir Ihrar ohly Tangibles accounting software

KP-21i Baizin Taryk Hadrware and software means for shortcut implementation of cryptographic algorithm Serpent

KP-21i Van Khuai Software means for modeling of cryptographic algorithms polymorphic implementation on smart cards

KP-21i Iskakov Emil Ruslanovych Software means for shortcut exponentiation on Galoise fields

KP-21i Krytskyi Serhii Mykhailovych Distributed file system control software

KP-21i Manafov Murad Eldar ohly Mobile client for Roundcube mail server

KP-21i Ndala Derlom Vesser Software means for modeling of burst error correction in modem data transmission channel

KP-21i Perehudov Yurii Oleksiiovych Online shop with payment systems integration

KP-21i Kunduno Zhilbert Online systems for foreign languages learning



Group Full Name The theme

КP-11 Adamiv Anton Web service for version control of author texts

КP-11 Barchuk Andrii The client software for web feed aggregation

КP-11 Beherskyi Mykhailo Software for users discount data aggregation. Administrators module

КP-11 Haiduk Nataliia Web service for Implementation of Business Analysis of Eastern European Countries' Foreign-Economic Affairs

КP-11 Danyliuk Victor Online designer of mobile apps for the android operating system

КP-11 Datsenko Andrii Web-service with support of project management

КP-11 Dzhun Ira Information-analytical system for strategic business analyst of feasibilities of company’s development

КP-11 Zaika Vladyslav User discount data agregation software. User module

КP-11 Kiselov Ye vgenii Development of intellectual document management system based on business process

КP-11 Kyshnarova Anastasiia Information Analysis System for Enterprise's Project Portfolio Optimization

КP-11 Letsyk Andriy Information system for taxi service management. Back-end

КP-11 Matiash Ivan The interactive educational web-resource of automated software testing

КP-11 Nycheporuk Oleksandr Information system for taxi service management. Front-end

КP-11 Papusha Roman Raster graphics editor FP sDraw for mobile operating system Android

КP-11 Priadko Dmytro Socially-oriented web-service for servicing requests to the communal enterprises

КP-11 Roshchupkin Georgiy WebM video hosting service

КP-11 Tsymbal Maksym Сloud service of anonymous digital signature validation

КP-11 Churilov Mykhailo Graphical editor with the ability to convert bitmap images into vector graphics

КP-11 Shershniev Oleksii Program module for integration Virtual Multimedia Laboratory and Distance Learning System "Moodle"

КP-11 Sherbachenko Larysa Program for vector images retrieval and modification

КP-11i Abasi Shaho Web-oriented library management system

КP-11i Gorst David The software module for testing of students' knowledge

КP-11i Matkarimov Hayotullo Hardware and software means for acceleration of cryptographic algorithm Rijndael implementation

КP-11i Myradov Azat Software means for modeling of correction of multiple data transmission errors in symmetric binary channels

КP-11i Niyazov Dovletgeldi Computer software for modeling of reservation and restoration of user data stored on remote memory units

КP-11i Tran Cong Minh Software means for acceleration of exponentiation on Galois fields for data protection systems

КP-11i Shabanov Kamran Software for modeling of correction of synchronization errors in asynchronous serial data transmission channels


Group Full Name The theme

КP-31s Koval Denis Graphic systems programming tasks for streaming processors

This project on the creation of graphics programming problems for streaming processor.

The graphics system is a software that includes all arithmetic, logical operations and management team. The functionality of the graphics system provides the ability to perform calculations of all possible combinations of operations that will be introduced for the construction of the graph.

In this project developed: architecture graphics, graph transformation algorithm in a program in assembly language, the algorithm graph transformation in the command sequence assembler, interpreter graph to form words and cast based data graph constructed, and graphic design elements and graphics.

КP-31s Chernega Olexiy Automated system for regression database testing

This diploma project is dedicated to the development of an automated system for regression databases testing.

The system is a web-resource at which the tester will be able upload the old and new versions of the database, creates test cases, review the list of written test cases, remove and edit from the list selected test case. After unloading database file on server the system searches in database tables and their attributes then tester performed uploading the new version of database on server the system displays which of the tables in the database have changed and which remained unchanged. The regular expressions are used for searching tables in the database. Based on regression testing the main purpose of tester is to test the components of the database that have not changed, the system must provide an automation test cases to verifying the integrity of the database.

In this diploma project were developed architecture of automated system, algorithms comparison tables and database functions, test case automation system to verifying the integrity of the database.

КP-31s Shuriga Petro Application gui automated testing software

This diploma project deals with the development of a system for automated GUI applications testing.

This system is an application that is designed to allow users to test GUIs applications. The product's functionality allows user to search among controls to obtain information about then, to run scripts written by the user etc. The user can write scripts in Python, and if necessary, the user can use additional service functions, which have been developed in this project. Results or error messages are displayed in program interface.

During the project, following parts have been developed: the program architecture, library functions, GUI controls searching tool and user scripts processing system.


Group Full Name The theme

КP-31m Azhypa Nataliia The rule based ukrainian text data automated stemming method

КP-31m Vovk Oleh Generation method of natural 3d-landscape

КP-32m Hadyniak Ruslan The method of the personal ontology automated construction

КP-32m Zhuk Andrii The modified associative-semantic method of automated summarization of natural language texts

КP-32m Kakovskyi Viacheslav The method of the database structure refactoring to increase performance of select-queries processing

КP-32m Palianytsia Oleh Methods of graphical objects detection based on use of multiprocessor architectures

КP-32m Roshak Rostyslav The authentication method using keystroke dynamics on mobile devices with touch screen