Partnership with Companies


The Department of Software of Computer Systems collaborates not only with educational organizations but also with the well-known IT company EPAM.

EPAM is a leader in IT consulting and software development for the global market. The company combines domestic applied and fundamental research with experience in implementing large projects and practical knowledge of modern international business. EPAM units for software development, testing, and support are located in the USA, Hungary, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Ukraine.

The cooperation between the Department of Software of Computer Systems and EPAM encompasses both educational and scientific-innovative activities. In particular, EPAM sponsors the establishment of the educational and research, which operates based on the Department of Software of Computer Systems (room 76-14). Within the scope of this laboratory’s work, a master class on software engineering is regularly conducted.

The master class includes the following training sessions:

• Two-month Java courses;
• Software testing training.

The training sessions are conducted by experienced instructors and team leaders from EPAM.