Scientific Activity

The main task of the Department of Computer Systems Software’s scientific activities is the development of theory and technologies for the creation of software for computer and information retrieval systems. Our research is focused on the following areas:

  • automated identification and information processing,
  • multimedia data processing methods and tools,
  • full-text information search in computer systems and networks,
  • context-dependent search for multimedia data,
  • data analytics and machine learning algorythms,
  • digital twins technology,
  • parallel programming for distributed network environments,
  • protection of multimedia data in computer systems and networks,
  • mathematical modeling,
  • compression of multimedia data.

Scientific work at the Department of Computer Systems Software is conducted under the guidance of Professor, D.Sc., Professor of the Department Ivan Dychka, Associate Professor, D.Sc. Yevgeniya Sulema, Professor, D.Sc. Viktor Legeza,  Associate Professor, Ph.D Tetiana Zabolotnia, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Liubov Oleshchenko, and Associate Professor, Ph.D. Mykola Onai.